For repairs, etc. e-mail or call:
Bruce Brocka
563-370-4830 cell
an e-mail is preferred

MidAmerican Energy (electric & gas)
Mid American website

Iowa American Water (water)  &  City of Davenport
(sewer, trash, recycling)
866-641-2108 - one call to Iowa American sets up your
account for both billings
Iowa American Water Co. website

Mediacom (cable, landline & internet)
Mediacom website

Trash day is monday morning. It's OK to put out trash bins
the night before. Bulky items such as couches, old
mattresses, etc. and electronic items are on recycling day.
Recycling is voluntary, and is strongly encouraged.
Davenport has made it very easy to do. To check which day
is recycling day, and learn the recycling rules,  
click on
this link
links checked/revised July 4, 2009

If you rent a house, click here to change your trash bin size:

Ceramic surface can be cleaned with abrasive cleansers, but do NOT use abrasives (Ajax for example) on fiberglass showers. A daily
shower cleaner is good idea, such as Tilex. Use a cleaner expressly for fiberglass showers. Do not let water stay on wood surfaces.

Clean appliances regularly with a gentle cleaner, not abrasives. Most stoves can be cleaned under the burners. Use a stainless steel
cleaner on the sink. Countertops should be occasionally cleaned with Gel Gloss countertop cleaner.
Optional, of course. If you have vinyl windows, you may be able to clean both sides from inside. There are slide locks on the top of the
lower sash to tip in the window. We clean windows after a paint job, and occasionally in between tenants.

Hardwood floors
The wood floors in your apartment are very old and were recovered at great expense, often costing more than new wood flooring. They
have been coated with at least four coats of polyurethane, and should occasionally be cleaned with something like Minwax's hardwood
floor cleaner. Do not damp mop them on a regular basis.
Occasional spills should be wiped up and then dried immediately. Polyurethane is quite water and alcohol resistant, but is sensitive to
sunlight, and curtains should be used in rooms that get direct sunlight and have hardwood floors.
Use nylon casters or rubber furniture cups so the floor is not scraped. Deep scratches and floor scrapes have to be sanded and then
re-polyed, and this will be billed to your damage deposit.
What is your Pet Policy?
The short answer is yes to cats, and some places we allow small dogs.See our
pet policy page,

Do you do six month leases or allow month-to-month?
No. It is quite expensive when a unit turns over, and to keep our (and thus
your) expenses down, we only do one-year leases then month-to-month after
that. If a tenant wants another year lease to lock in the rent,we will do that. .

Can I plant things in the yard?
Maybe. Always ask first. I sometimes allow people to plant perennials along
fencing or other obvious existing bedding. If you feel the green thumb itch, try
your hand at weeding.

Can I paint the apartment or house?
No. We do not allow tenants to paint or otherwise decorate except for curtains.

Can I put plastic on the windows in winter?
Yes. I recommend the shrink wrap type. If the tape pulls the paint of the
window casing, we will not charge the tenant for touchup painting. Many
windows are new, and will not need the shrink wrap.

What's with the appliance repair clause?
We have few appliances over 10 years old, and none older than 20. So we
included this clause as a stop-gap from being over-run with repairs. We added
this cause shortly after two different tenants (at the same time) had many
suspicious repairs. We've actually never had to invoke this clause, but once
bitten, twice shy!

Do you rehab other peoples houses?  
We only rehab properties we own, and do not contract out any services. We
would be more than happy to give advice to anyone, tenant or not, who
wishes to purchase an old house, especially on Davenport's east side

Can I hang Stuff on the Walls?
Yes. We suggest using "Command" brand tabs or similar. And if you do use a
nail in real plaster, put a piece of tape of the wall first to keep the plaster from
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